The Principal at Windsor North School asked us “How can my classroom wall art enhance student learning this year?” So we got to work on designing a banner based around the schools vision with the aim to create something that would supplement instruction and aid student growth. We’re pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The beginning of the project was to establish a style, not only for the visual character element but also the colours and text that was to create a fun and visual message for the children to engage with. Our process here was to start with a rough sketch of what we were thinking (to make sure the client was happy with this concept) and then to develop that sketch into a more refined illustration suitable for print, and fitting to the professional standard of presentation required.

Text or font style was also a big part in creating the playful aspect of this artwork – given it is to be viewed by 5 to 10 year old school children it really needed to be engaging and fun. So we tried a few fonts until we found the right one…

From there we combined the elements to make the final graphics, depicting the message in a clear, concise and of course fun, way. Below are the five different characters we created to represent the five different focus areas for the Windsor North School Vision.