Burt Munro Challenge

With the Burt Munro Challenge here we thought we would let out a few local secrets to those travelling south for the event, or at least let on about a few of our favourite things in Invercargill.

Beer & Cider

Beer & Cider, essential for any great event (?) … Invercargill Brewery down on Wood Street have a fantastic range of craft beers and you can get plastic riggers in either 1 or 2 litres – or do bikers drink whisky?

Where to go to grab a feed?

For a good old feed of Fish & Chips we head to Kings Fish Market on Ythan Street, great fresh fish…Our pick of pies would have to be Bakers Beyond on Spey Street, for pizza’s check out Davinci’s out North Road, burgers out at Ziff’s cafe on Dunns Road, Otatara…

Breakfast / brunch / lunch – gotta love the Magpie out North Road, the meals are always fantastic with yummy fresh produce and in my opinion the best bacon in town!

We haven’t forgotten the people who have food allergies ether.

Have allergies – you can get gluten-free fish & chips from Kings, gluten-free eats at the Magpie, EAT and the Rocks Cafe in town are great generally, but very diet friendly so don’t be afraid to ask…

Where to go for Coffee

Essential for some, we’ll head to EAT on Windsor (actually on Windsor St) for a great pick me up early in the morning.

Our Local speciality Cheese and Ice Cream.

For something different but really yummy why not try some of Blue River’s Sheep Milk products while you’re here – not only do they make great cheeses, but also a really smooth creamy vanilla ice cream. Best for sunny weather is the Halloumi which you can fry on the BBQ !!

Local Places around Invercargill

You’ll definitely have to check out E Hayes & Sons on Dee Street if you haven’t already. It houses the E Hayes Motorworks Collection, which is an eclectic range of classic and vintage motorcycles, automobiles, engines, equipment and memorabilia and of course includes the Burt’s bike.

Art – if you feel like checking out some local talent then pop along to the Bank Art Gallery in the Crescent to see some fantastic examples.

Things to do in between events

have you checked out Gemstone Beach yet, or maybe The Pavilion Restaurant out at Colac Bay – great food and amazing views. In the other direction the Whistling Frog Cafe & Bar is a fantastic place to stop and get a bite, or even stay the night in one of their cabins while you’re exploring the Catlins.

The list is endless… maybe I should leave it there. Might see you round – hope you have a great time while you’re here.